Vehicle wraps faq


Vehicle wraps faq aren’t meant to be installed and forgotten. Like the rest of your vehicle, your vehicle wrap requires regular cleaning and maintenance. For longer-lasting, vibrant color, wash your wrap on a regular basis and keep your vehicle away from possible pollutants. Here are answers to some common questions customers have about vehicle wraps faq.
Vehicle wraps faq

First you will need a design.One’s the design is ready it will go to printing and lamination process.After the vinyl is being printed our certified installers will start the installation.

Depending on the vehicle Please ask when you are dropping of your vehicle for installation.

No! Dirty or wet vehicles will cause installation problems unfortunately we can not wrap your vehicle if its dirty or wet.

Unfortunately we won’t be able to wrap the rusted ares. And easiest way to fix small rust problems we usually recommend either getting it done professionally at any body shop

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3 Years on Fading. 1 Year peeling or any other imperfection.

Unfortunately we do see cases like this sometimes our designers will have to recreate the missing portions of the vinyl wrap and after that installation will take place.

Depending on how you treat the vinyl on your vehicle. But we have seeing wraps lasting 6 , 7 years.

It is calculated by the size of your car and Square Footage.

Yes. There are more than 150 different color options to chose from.

For wall’s we recommend minimum 15 days to be perfectly cured and dry.

Proper way to paint wall’s First 1 coat of Primer after 2 coats of Paint.